A Marvel Moment

Typical morning experience: eating a bagel while walking to the school.

Not so typical morning experience: coming face to face with a hawk.

Don’t panic—he wasn’t on the swooping attack mode; he was just chilling on the fence by the dumpster, watching me, well, like a hawk. I probably wouldn’t have noticed him if the sun had been hidden behind the clouds. He seemed to reflect the light.

The broad winged hawk is a beautiful creature. According to the Audubon website and allaboutbirds.org, this type of hawk typically lives near water and on the edge of forests. They migrate south yearly, breeding in the north during summer and heading to Central America for the winter. Like most birds of prey, the broad winged hawk prefers high nests, which he usually steals from other birds or squirrels. Although these birds live in forest areas, they hunt below what’s called the canopy line. In other words, they stay below the trees, perched on a branch and look for rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and small birds to snatch with their long, sharp talons. Thehawk’s eyes can see eight times sharper and farther than our eyes can. Their extensive vision and sharp features are what give them such a hard, piercing look.

God designed this creature to portray majesty, strength, vision, and even wisdom. Job 39:26 says, “Doth the hawk fly by wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south?” The funny thing about hawks (and most birds) is that they don’t question the whole migration thing. They know when it’s time for them to move and they do it without question. You don’t see hawks hanging around in a blizzard saying, “I just don’t know if God wants me to migrate this year. He hasn’t sent me a sign.” Nope. They have the wisdom to move when they’re supposed to move and stay when they’re supposed to stay. They know the times and the seasons and they act without question.

I marvel at these creatures and the way that God designed them. This Hawkeye on the fence is a beautiful reminder of what it means to follow God: obeying always, watching with keen eyes, using our strength and out talents to do what He designed us to do, and even being an example to others.


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