Sidewalk Encouragement

I was reminiscing this week about a college friend I had.  I have recently reconnected with her, and was so pleased to see she is still as joyful a soul as ever before, even amid extremely difficult personal trials.  My first memory of her is her smile, motioning me to sit next to her in chapel when it was difficult to find a seat.  I was so lonely, didn’t like my roommates, I was extremely homesick, and the boy I missed so terribly was soon going to dump me before we even got to Thanksgiving break.  It was a tough semester!  This girl took me under her wing, and encouraged me throughout the year.  When I was dumped, she brought me home with her for the weekend, pampered me and allowed me to talk and talk, and talk some more about my feelings.  When it was my birthday, she celebrated it all week!  Little things like that, especially praying for my needs, was what made her such a special friend.  I often wondered if she was a real angel.

A verse that she would share with me as we walked to class was Nahum 1:7: “The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.”  Isn’t that precious?  He knoweth (“eth” means a continual, ongoing thing) them that trust in Him.  He is a strong hold in the day of trouble.  There were some days in college that felt like a day of trouble!  There are some days now that are chock full of trouble.  Things going on in our nation and our world are full of trouble.  And yet through it all, the LORD is good, He is strong and reliable, and He knows us.  Let’s not miss the end of that verse, “them that trust in him.”  That’s the place where we ought to be.  Relying on His goodness, His strength, and His knowledge, trusting Him each and every day, even on those days that seem to have nothing but trouble.

How about you?  Do you trust the Lord?  Does He know you as one of his trusting children, relying on Him each day through all the muck this world throws our way?  This world is an unsure place, but fortunately our God is not of this world; He is the Creator of it and not limited by it.   He is Almighty God on the throne, and while the prince of the power of the air is winning battles, the war has already been won by our God.  Rest assured He is going down this journey with each and every one of us, knowing all that is going on in the world, even in our own personal worlds, and caring about us.  1 Peter 5:7: “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

Nahum 1:7: “The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.”  Doesn’t that cause you to feel the Lord’s presence, like He is walking beside you with His strong, loving arm around your shoulders?  That’s how it made me feel as I walked to class, with a full day of trouble ahead of me!


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